MARRIAGE: 5 Reasons To Go To The Telegraph Bar

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We did it! 
We conquered routine!
We went out on Date Night!

Can I confess and let you know it was a struggle?!!!!!

We went to The Telegraph Bar. The bar is in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and Resorts. Now for those of you who go out all the time, this is not a new place for you. But for Eric and I who spent all of 2012 in the house, this was a breath of fresh air.

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Here are five reasons why I recommend The Telegraph Bar.

1. Safe Environment

    The Bar is located in the hotel lobby. Who doesn't feel safe in a hotel? If you 
    don't mind intermingling with a few tourists, there is no need to look over
    your shoulder or be concerned about where the nearest exit is located.

2. Entertainment

    On Friday night there was a live band. They played great Bahamian Music    
    mixed with some jazz. Not too loud, no excessive talking. The band was a 
    great addition to the bar's ambience.

    There are two televisions at the bar. As expected, one channel was on sports
    and the other a news station. This is clever. Men can watch sports and the 
    news happening all over the world can lead to a variety of conversations.

    It was refreshing to sway to the music and still hear our conversation.

3. Bar Menu


There's nothing like being out late and arriving at a bar to hear that the kitchen is closed. The Telegraph Bar has a menu available until 11:00pm. 

We did not eat but I was glad to know if I wanted, food, tasty food was available.

Let me mention the bar trail mix. I don't know about  all of you but I like to snack. We did not have any food from the menu, but we devoured the bowl of snacks that came with our drinks. 

The snacks were poured in a bowl as needed. They weren't peanuts sitting waiting for germ infested hands.

4. Bartenders

    Despite us being Bahamian, the bartenders were engaging providing great 
    service. We all know customer service creates an experience. 

5.  Cost

     It terms of cost. We had four drinks. I would rate it as $$. We spent 
     $37.00. Remember it is in a hotel lobby. We paid not only for drinks but 
     also for snacks, entertainment and safety. Not bad!

There you have it readers, my recommendation to visit The Telegraph Bar in The Sheraton Hotel and Resorts. 

Happy dating!

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Sandena Neely said...

Hey Tiff! This is one of the five places I was going to suggest on your earlier blog about marriage.

MWMs said...

Hey girlie,
Yes this is a good suggestion. I assume you have been. Let's grab the husbands and go together one of these weekends! Let me know.