MOTHERHOOD: Mother's Day Tradition

Dear Sharelle,

On our Facebook Page you wrote a comment, "SOOOOOO GIRLS......What's up for Mother's Day?"
It is great that you asked because I happen to love my Mother's Day Tradition. I look forward to it every year. I came up with the idea on my own! I believe this is going to be my third or will it be my fourth year doing what I call to be an ingenious idea.

Are you ready to know what I do readers? Can you guess Sharelle?

You'll never guess. Can you tell how excited I am typing this blog?

Here we go....

On Mother's Day, I go to church with my family so I can stand and receive my obligatory Mother's Day Flower. Then my family and I drive over to Atlantis, but not for what you think. We drive over to Atlantis so I may check - in for the night.

YES! ME and me alone.

My view from my room during my first staycation

Every Mother's Day I have a staycation. I check in Sunday, we go to 7:00am Mass so I can have a full day. I spend the night, then the next morning, check out and drive to work.


 Imagine laying here!

Oh how beautiful it is to have a day to myself! Oh how awesome it is to lay out by the pool with my Kindle and a cocktail! Oh how fantabulous it is to sleep the whole night through without Channing getting up to pee, without Chase wandering out of his crib, without hearing Eric snore.

Exhale even louder!

A surprise in the room upon my return!

Now, I know at least someone reading this thinks I am being selfish, how could I not spend time with my family on Mother's Day? What kind of mother am I who doesn't want to be with her children on Mother's Day? Don't get me wrong, to each her own but that simply is not how I want to be celebrated! On a day designated to celebrate my sacrifice, dedication and tireless effort to keep everything and everyone together, I want to be left alone and not have to do anything related to anyone else.

Now I must say that I am blessed to have a mother who doesn't like the hustle and bustle of Mother's Day. She is not one who has to go to a restaurant on Mother's Day. With that said, I am able to relish in my day because I do not have to make plans for her. THANK YOU MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

If your mother is different, how about giving her a staycation. You and your mom can enjoy a spa date.  During my last stay I had a massage at Mandara Spa Atlantis. Heavenly!

My staycation is so ingenious because Eric and the kids can have a full day with his mother and participate in his extended family's Mother's Day plans. My husband does not have to balance me and his mother on this day. On this day, Eric's mother has him all to herself!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so Sharelle to answer your question, "What's up for Mother's Day?"...

...A Staycation.

If you like the idea, you should try it too. Try it alone or with a girlfriend!  There are so many hotels to choose from. It is totally worth it and truly a Mother's Day!

Until I blog again,

P.S. Sharelle what are you doing for Mother's Day?


Yolanda Darville said...

Love, love, love this post! I think I have a new idea for a mommy only getaway! Keep up the great work of encouraging us mamas (we need it!).

MWMs said...

Yay! I am glad you enjoyed the post. Please know that as we encourage you, we are encouraging ourselves.

MWMs said...

Tiffany this sounds great, but chile please I just came from what would be considered a think hubby will let me go again?! Hmmmm...I think I better stay home :)

I know you will have an awesome time as you always do and maybe next year I will join you!


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