***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER...If you haven't watched last night's episode of Scandal yet I suggest that you DO NOT read this post.***

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I know I am not the only one who was completely floored or flat lined after last nights episode of Scandal...
As always, I never know where to begin. Shonda never ceases to amaze me!  
What we know is that the former CIA Director Osbourne IS NOT the Mole. Soooo, #WhoIsTheMole!? Shonda, we need answers and we need them now! Why do we have to wait ANOTHER 3 weeks? 

Susan Osbourne, the wife of the late CIA Director calls on Olivia's assistance arguing that she knows her husband did not commit suicide and was in fact murdered.  After agreeing to take the case, Olivia has a conversation with Cyrus advising him of this new information but Cy could give two hoots because POTUS has already publicly outed and slandered the man that there is NO WAY they are going to re-neg and make a fool of themselves once again (you remember the hostage situation?).

I think it's fair to say that Olivia Pope and the Gladiators have landed themselves in a serious situation.  It begins when HuckleberryQuinn, (Huck and Quinn for those that didn't catch that...hehe) pair up again, but this time they are looking to exonerate a man (Osbourne) they helped build a case against in the previous episode.  Things don't go so well when they are pointed in the direction of a storage locker and poor Huck (poor poor Huck) gets knocked out, tied up, and tossed into a crate in the storage locker which happens to be connected to a money wire they found out about to Molly the night of Osbourne's fake suicide. Quinn manages to find him after hours of looking and takes him back to OPA's firm.  Molly is killed in a hit and run before she can get out of the country.  Poor Molly, she knew too much.

Cyrus has his own share of drama with his husband.  It was revealed that James kicked him out of the apartment and he's been sleeping in a hotel room for the past 22 days.  All he wants to do is go home.  All my poor friend Cy wants is to be close with Fitz again and to be home with his husband.  Poor Cy.  Listen, I love this guy. Even with all of his deviant behaviours, for some reason he is just a likable guy.  Is Cy really any different from the rest of the crew though?  Different from the POTUS, who finally confesses to Cy that he killed Verna? Different from James lying to a grand jury about Defiance?  Different from Olivia who agreed to rigging the national election? They are all seeking forgiveness.  "Would [Olivia] forgive me if she knew?" says Fitz.  Cy reassures his president "There are things we never tell [our loved ones], things we hide....It doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness"  WOW.

This leads me to the powerful and heart wrenching conversation between Fitz and Mellie. Cy convinces them to do their first interview after having America's baby as a necessary preamble to announcing his bid for re-election.  During the interview they romanticized about the way they first met.  However, later Fitz recounts with Mellie the far less romantic details of how she was "sold" to his father because "[she was] a thoroughbred racehorse" and that "it wasn't a blind date; it was a merger."  Mellie then opposes and says that "every married couple pretends," it's the ones that don't pretend who are living a fantasy.  DOUBLE WOW, that's a deep one.  That statement filled me with sadness.  We shall have a discussion about this one later!  Fitz is horrified that she says something like that and wonders if he is to blame for the way she is now. He genuinely apologizes to her.  I feel he did that maybe because he feels that "fantasy" life with Olivia.  Something Mellie has never had the chance to experience. Maybe? Hmmmmm.  So many layers to this triangle. Sighhhhh

Moving Jake, that damn Jake.  He has the word shady stamped all over him!  I mean really.  But first things first.  Huck should know better than to schedule sweeps of Olivia's apartments always on the same day!!!!!!  A little unrealistic in my view.  Shonda, ya need to stop making Huck look like an amateur.  Anyhoo...Jake finds out that Olivia and the Gladiators are onto the frame job of the suicide and the mysterious bench man (whose being played by Joe Morton) tells jake "I trust you to take care of this."  Oh lawd.  So in a little back and forth phone convo between Jake and Olivia, Olivia ends up at Jake's house with dinner.  Well one thing leads to another and they end up in bed.  Are y'all feeling this union?  Me not so much.  Jake and his damn friendly face gives me the creeps.  So after their second tussle in the bed, Olivia goes into Jake's kitchen where she finds out some thangs, some serious thangs.  He's been watching you, girl!  She tries to make a run for it but Jake insists that it's not what she thinks and that he's not going to hurt her.  With such perfect timing, Jake points to the tv where we see another mysterious man enter her apartment.  In their little rumble Olivia hits her head and blacks out.  She is taken to the hospital and in a rush Jake coaches her on what to say happened and that the first time they ever met was when he saved her from being attacked in her own apartment (yes.. yes Jake, you must cover your tracks with the president).  Fitz walks in and this is where I flat lined.  He greets Olivia with his trademark "hi" and goes over to hug Liv.  It ends with Jake looking inside at them confused.  This is the next triangle to watch.  It's developing! Insert nervous look here....

What are your thoughts about last night's episode?  Let's discuss!

an almost resuscitated Candilaria


MWMs said...

First of all I must say you are doing a fantabulous job with the Scandal Review! Kudos Babes!

Chile! Why do we have to wait three weeks? The only good thing is it gives us three weeks to discuss and predict.

I recorded this episode. Totally going to watch it again before I discuss.

Does anyone have any predictions? Candi, what do you think will happen next?

MWMs said...

Yep. 3 whole weeks! Well, for some reason I have a funny feeling that Cyrus is the mole. If he's not the mole he is connected very closely to the mole. But I don't know.

But what I do know is the new triangle to watch now is Fitz, Olivia and Jake. Wait until Fitz finds out about Jake and Olivia!!! Well chile please...SCANDAL!

So Tiff, I will have to stop by with a bottle of wine so we can watch that episode again. :) Candi