MOTHERHOOD: My Big Little Girl

Yesterday was a big day!

Channing is officially enrolled in her first big school. 

I remember being pregnant with her. It was the easiest pregnancy ever! 

After her birth many advised me to take plenty pictures because she would grow up too quickly.

This is Channing the day she was born, May 19th 2009.

Look at her little finger.

She had acid reflux so she slept strapped to a pillow upright for a hot second.  Goddie Kaylus, remember getting these ears pierced?

Jeepers, creepers! Channing's first Christmas photo. 
This is the best Christmas photo she has ever taken.

Hooray! She celebrated the many gifts from her first birthday party.

Wow she reminds me of her baby brother here.

Her first pool date with Cousin Ayden.

Lord I miss this hat. Channing hated it!
Goddie Antja look at our bag in the background!

First day of school.This lil gal walked into the classroom like it was nothing!

You grew so fast Channing!

Channing is finally beginning to look like me!

This is Tiffany all over! This photo is still one of my favorites. It looks like she is running for class president. I will remember this when she becomes a prefect one day! JOKES!!!!!!!!!!

No I don't have these eyelashes. Channing's kept growing along with her!

Little Miss Photographer!

My injury prone. You got it! She was running around the house like she was trying to lose some weight!!!!!!!!!

Last month after church on Easter Sunday. 

My Channing
You're such a good girl!
Mummy loves you boopie!

And so, yesterday was a big day. It was a big day because it was the beginning of  yet another chapter in her life. 

"She just reach!" She's only been on this earth for four quick years.

Where does the time go? My little big girl is growing up right before my eyes.

Ladies, the advice was absolutely correct. Take plenty pictures. The photos will always take you back to the very day it was captured. You won't live that day again, but the photos will live forever.

Until I blog again,
A tearful Tiffany... I think I am going to miss my little girl!


Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

Mommy Tiffany,

As I looked at each picture, I remembered Channing in that moment, and added memories of my own. Me, Channing and blowing the whistle, the empty lotion bottle she brought with her on our day out, our remix hide and seek game, our puzzle moments, our sign along moments, our days out together when you desperately needed a breather, and the best day ever, when we took her to get her ears pierced.

This child grew up so fast. Fa real! No more contented little baby - now Channing is a contended little girl.

Blessed to be apart of her life,
Goddie Kaylus

YES! The moral of the blog. Take plenty picture of your children.

Yolanda Darville said...


Channing has grown into a gorgeous girl! It's so bittersweet to see them grow up, isn't it??

Lots of love,

Yolanda Darville

MWMs said...

Goddie Kaylus,

I knew as you looked at the photos you would remember your memories with Channing Tatum. Thank you for all that you are and will continue to be in her life.

MWMs said...

Hi Yolanda,

It is bittersweet. As a mother, I yearn for my children's independence, but with independence comes farewell to the little babies that cuddle!

Thank you for your comment.

Miss Worrell said...

OH MY GOSH!! she is so adorable reminds me of my lo ... yes they grow up rather quickly.

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