Married Working Mothers (MWMs) would like to celebrate ALL the mother's out there.  The first time mom's, the veteran mother's, and the soon-to-be mummy's. 

We wish ALL of you the most delightful, amazing, wonderful, fun-filled Mother's Day.  May your heart be content and surrounded by those you love and those who love you!

Being a mother is probably the most challenging and often the most thank-less job you will ever experience. Nonetheless, all that is hard is quickly erased from your thoughts when those little eyes (no matter how old your child(ren) get they will always be little to you) look at you with such admiration, or when they give you those warm hugs just when you need it, or when "I Love You" is uttered ever so gently and unexpectedly - these are the moments that make your heart melt and feel that every minute, every single tiring second of motherhood is completely worth it.

To all the MWMs' readers and every mother...
Enjoy YOUR Day! 

Married Working Mothers

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