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So let's start with.....Billy Chambers is the mole!  If you don't remember Billy Chambers, he was the guy that worked with the VP Sally Langston and conjured up the whole Amanda Tanner scandal. Kinda anti-climatic don't you think? Or Maybe not?  We shall see...

More shocking than finding out who the mole is, is that sneaky, double-crossing David Rosen.  He wanted revenge all this time after the Defiance debacle.  And for plenty of reasons I guess.  Olivia in protecting Fitz took everything from David, his reputation, his job, his life.  So he stole the Cytron card (the evidence that the election was rigged) back and placed it into the hands of the deranged Mr. Chambers....And I was just starting to like David as a Gladiator and being a part of the team. Didn't see that one coming.  Well done Shonda, well done. You shocked me with that one.

How does the President spend the night outside of the White house at Olivia's apartment.  Damn. That man's got some b*lls. Cyrus barges into Olivia's apartment to retrieve his President after a journalist asks him "where is the president?" Cyrus will have a melt down in this episode. It's coming.

Mellie spends all her time with her therapist...he tries to persuade her to give up the name of the woman her husband is sleeping with.  But she refuses.  She is waiting to see what Fitz's next move will be and what he will say when he makes his statement.  I told y'all, Mellie ain no fool. 

The Prez informs Cyrus that when he addresses the American people he will tell them he won't be seeking a second term.  Mellie and Olivia knows Fitz better than Fitz knows himself.  They both knew there was no way Fitz wouldn't run for a second term.  Cyrus finds out the the President didn't signed the papers for the re-election.  Was this intentional? Cyrus, of course tells Olivia and she shows up to talk to the president and asks if he knew he wasn't running for re-election before he conveniently "chose" her.  They hash things out and he knows deep within.  Olivia knew that it probably would have been the thing that came between them if he were to give it all up.  And since Fitz doesn't feel worthy of being the President being elected for a second term, on his own, would validate him.  So he tells The American people that his business is just that, his business!  And he is running for a second term!

The bench sitting man, Jim Morton's character, what's his deal?  Why does he have such an interest in the tape of Olivia and Jake?  Do you think showing Fitz this footage will drive another wedge between he and Olivia?  I don't think so.  Fitz may try to half kill Jake but this all happened during the time he and Olivia weren't "together".  I have a feeling that this bench guy is close to Olivia, maybe her father?  Hmmm....another something to think about.

Harrison gets all up in Olivia's face trying to be her protector and "fix" the situation of her name possibly being revealed as the other woman.  However, Olivia wouldn't admit that anything was wrong and shot poor Harrison right down.  Bruised that gladiator's ego.   
Cyrus vs. James, courtesy of tv Fanatic

Mellie purposely chose James (Cyrus's husband) to conduct the live interview to hit both Cyrus and the President in the gut. Cyrus tells James he was just too stupid to see it.  And here comes the meltdown. The fight that then ensued between Cyrus and James was brutal!  Cyrus cut that poor man into a million pieces which left my mouth hanging open.  While James may have been naive, Cyrus was unbelievably mean and I felt incredibly bad for James. His facial expressions looked like that of a child whose dreams have been crushed, chewed, swallowed and shat on.  Cyrus was definitely out of line and losing control - everything he'd worked so hard for was falling apart and the constant pressure to keep it all together. But he took it out on James - not cool. Back on the couch for you Mr. Cyrus Beene.
Olivia brings Cyrus coffee and they discuss trying to stop her name from being revealed. Their relationship is quite unique, but I kinda get it.  I understand it.  Hey, who says you can't sit down with a cup of coffee with the man who just last week wanted to get rid of you?  When Olivia leaves, the bench sitting man walks up and greets Cyrus. "Hello" he says.  HUH?  Who else is Cyrus connected to??  Why doesn't this surprise me? They talk about Cyrus showing the tape of Olivia and Jake to stop the President from announcing he won't run for a second term.  I'm telling you, could he be her father?  Think about it, we don't know anything about Olivia's past!

  A hit was put on Charlie, he called Cyrus for help but Cyrus denies knowing him and hangs up the phone, he then shows up to Olivia Pope & Associates for help.  Huck gets the name of the mole by tying Charlie up.  Huck attempts to seek revenge for everything Charlie has done to him but Quinn stops him.  I love their relationship.  Huckleberry Quinn.  Not shooting Charlie took a lot of courage and showed how far Huck has come since his homeless days.

So we're all set for the season finale next week!  In the previews it looks like Cyrus actually has a heart attack. 

What are your thoughts about this episode?  What do you think about Billy Chambers being the mole?  What do you think bench sitting man is all about? Do you think Billy Chambers, Charlie, Cyrus, David, and bench sitting man are all connected?

Can't wait for the season finale, Candilaria


Elizabeth Missick-Taylor said...

I'm surprised that I didn't see the Billy Chambers angle. How could I forget how much he wanted Sally to win the election (remember he gave her the audio of Fitz and Olivia in the hotel.."take off your clothes"). Now, I did think that Charlie "took care" of Billy after the elevator ride but apparently not. How long were Billy and Charlie in cahoots? David, not so surprised there. I can't wait for the finale!!

MWMs said...

Oh Elizabeth, do forgive me for not responding to your comment. Not sure how I skipped over this one!!! And the finale has come and gone and it's time now to have summer scandal parties and watch from season 1 episode 1!! Sounds like a plan if you ask me :)