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I called it!...I called it!...So bench-sitting man IS Olivia's father!!!  Jake's boss and the head of section B613 is Olivia's father! WOW.  What happened to picking up the phone and calling your daughter instead of the all the mysterious meetings in the park and shenanigans.  This goes deep.  I'm sure that's how Olivia and Cyrus got to become friends...through her father.  Maybe Olivia has been involved in some thangs deeper than we many thoughts!

So while I am incredibly sad that last night was the season finale and I have nothing else to occupy my Thursday nights, I will say that I will not miss writing these doggone reviews because they are labour intensive!!! LOL.  A bittersweet moment.

Ok, so...let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start! (in my best Julie Andrew's voice from the Sound of Music)...

So the Gladiators know that Billy Chambers is the mole, thanks to Huck.  As I was watching I was still bitter over the fact that David Rosen seemed to turn on his new found friends, the Gladiators.  But as the episode developed, David had ulterior motives of his own and didn't go along with Billy Chambers devilish plans.  He turned things around.  He created a fake cytron card and used it as leverage.  He managed to get Billy to confess all of his horrible wrong doings by giving him the fake card.  He took the real one but kept it safe until his plan was revealed at the end.  David used the very thing that ended his career and essentially his life and bargained his life back.  Oh yea, oh yea, oh relieved by that because I like David Rosen.  Certainly he will not be the same District Attorney he once was after working with Olivia Pope and Associates!

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 Without any knowledge of David's double crossing, the Gladiators tracked Billy boy down and Huck and Quinn get to work on torturing him to find out where the "fake" cytron card was located.  Huck had a really hard time getting into torture mode and seemed to be completely turned off by it now.  On the other hand, we see Quinn slipping down that slippery slope and Huck is very worried that she has turned down a path that will be hard for her to return from.  Quinn gets the location of the fake card and Abby goes to retrieve it learning later nothing is on the card.

 On to Olivia...she was almost killed (by an assassin sent by her own father?...Weird way of handling your daughter, eh) in her apartment, but Jakey saved her and in the process dug his own grave because he went against his orders and that's never a good thing in section B-613 (whatever that is!). Now, I almost wanted to slap Olivia because for a couple of minutes she and Fitz were completely emerged in La-La land.  Olivia says to the POTUS, "are you coming to sleep tonight?" **blank stare**.  And let's talk about the plan of Fitz running again while divorcing his wife and eventually moving Liv into the White House to be his
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 new FLOTUS.  As much as I love their love for each other and know deep down they are meant to be together, I'm sorry this was too much for even me.  They finally came to their senses after Cyrus suffered his heart attack and told Liv that Fitz killed Verna and then told Fitz that Liv slept with Jake.  Yah.  You can say they sobered up quickly!  Olivia, says as much as she would love to be on Fitz's side she can't abandon her team, "I am their Gladiator" she says.  Fitz, heads back to Mellie once again and the cycle continues.

Towards the end all looked happy and settled in Washington, and Olivia is seen about to go for a jog with her earphones in her ears when suddenly she opens the door to head outside and is mobbed by cameras and news reporters. Her name was leaked as being the woman who is sleeping with the President!  Oh my.

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My prediction is Mellie leaked the name.  Do you remember the scene between Fitz and Mellie in the hospital when Cyrus had the heart attack?  The look on Mellie's face was priceless, I actually felt bad for her this time.  She walked out of the hospital room not saying one word and the next time you saw her was when Fitz laid his head on her lap.  I think she felt she had no other choice at this point. Let's see if I call this one too.

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Just and FYI for those with questions about the symbolism behind the white hat, here is a quick definition of "White Hat"...

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Definition of WHITE HAT

1: one who is admirable and honorable
2: a mark or symbol of goodness <could use a few more guys in white hats — Robert Christgau>

Origin of WHITE HAT

from the white hats stereotypically worn by law-abiding characters in movie westerns
First Known Use: 1970

The first episode of Season two (2) was called "White Hat's Off". Where we see the early interactions of Olivia and David when they both encounter the case of Quinn.  Between then and now, their relationship...well what relationship...David was out to expose Defiance and Olivia and the others weren't having that.  Olivia ruined David's life.  Last night's episode was kind of like David giving the white hat back to Olivia, his new found friend.

What did you think of the season finale?  What are your thoughts of bench-sitting daddy?  What do you think is in store for next season?

the last scandal writin' review (at least for the next 4 months), Candilaria

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