For the past week I've been trying my damnedest to watch last week's episode of Scandal - "Seven Fifty-Two".  All the way up to 9:52 p.m last night and guess luck! Sorry for not being able to give you a review on that one. How on earth could I have fallen asleep during the best show on television?!  Being a married working mother, that's why! LOL

However, I did manage to watch last night's episode....

A lot of thoughts blowing my mind and now I have the task of formulating them into words.  

***SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER...If you haven't watched last night's episode of Scandal yet I suggest that you DO NOT read this post.***

Listen, I'm just gonna cut right to the chase.  The last ten minutes of Scandal was the countdown to Mellie's interview to expose the POTUS and Olivia.  Look Mellie sweetie, no amount of interviews and certainly not the ultimatum you gave that man is going get him to stay with you, girl!  Fitz chose Olivia.  Point blank. Not sure if this came as a surprise to you, Mellie, (because it should not have) but this is the same man who asked YOU for a divorce!  Mellie, seriously, what leverage did you think you had while negotiating with with your husband?  It's hard to feel sorry for Mellie and many would agree with me that she acted like a spoiled little child that didn't get her own way.  Yes, I understand she's trying to save her loveless marriage, she is trying to save the marriage so that she can continue to bask in the lifestyle it provides.  Maybe.  I just find it hard to believe that she loves Fitz.  It's hard to feel sorry for Mellie and it's hard not to root for Olitz.  BUT, Mellie ain no fool, y'all.  To us she had no motive for what she did last night, but did she?  What's up her sleeve?  Let's keep an eye on her.

Fitz doesn't care about the interview. So the president showed up at Olivia's apartment (so funny how the POTUS can do that so easily - gotta love tv, eh) because he chose her.  Not only did he choose her, he earned her. We'll come back to this. :)

The search for the mole in the White House continues and during this episode the OPA aka the Gladiator's fingers were pointing to Cyrus.  They found out that Charlie (Cyrus's henchman, the same guy he used to kill Amanda Tanner) was the one that attacked Huck in the storage locker and the one that broke into Olivia's apartment.  They reluctantly disclose their findings to Olivia and she can hardly believe it because she and Cyrus are friends, good friends and long time friends at that. This is Cyrus we're talking about, but as much as all the fingers are pointing to him he seems too obvious.  He's not the mole.  Frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of this damn mole story.  Who cares anymore.  Who is it already!  Geesh!  While all of that is going on, Cyrus is in the middle of the negotiating war between the Grants and he isn't necessarily trying to fix them but just trying to get them in the same room to talk things out.  At home his husband, James, seems to have gotten what he wanted (a job) and in return gives Cyrus what he wanted (to sleep in the bed and a little hanky panky).  Can I tell y'all I was NOT ready for that. Yikes!

Cyrus in keeping with his devious behaviour orders Charlie (his henchman) to find evidence that Jake and Olivia have been together. We see Charlie sitting in Jake's apartment watching the surveillance of Olivia and Jake.  Oh boy. Now Cyrus has a little juice on Olivia, something he will keep for a rainy day I'm sure.  Such an evil thing to do to a so called "friend".

Getting back to the OLITZ storyline, earlier in the episode Fitz called Olivia and expressed that he wanted to see her and that she must come to the White house.  After saying he will show up at the OPA office if she didn't, Olivia is at the White House in a split second. It's good to be the president!  She enters the oval office slamming the door in Jake's face (who is still protecting her 24/7 per the POTUS's orders).  The tension and raw passion between them is always incredible, nobody can stand it!  "You do not summon me!" Olivia yells out, and "You do not walk away from me!" Fitz yells in return.  They continue in a lover's quarrel which ends something like this, Fitz responds to Olivia's statement that they are over, saying "we are never over!" And she shoots back at him, "if you want me! Earn me!"  Well, there you go.  She. Said. The. President. Needs. To. EARN. HER.  Way to go Olivia! And chile please, he did that and mooooore!

In a final negotiation (of course without the presdient) Cyrus asked Mellie what if he could get rid of Olivia, would she call off the interview.  Of course she agrees and Cyrus orders the president's secretary to call Jake and tell him the president has requested a meeting and that he leave Olivia.  But Jake knows better, he's a military man, Cyrus! So Cyrus shows up to Olivia's apartment thinking that Jake won't be there (silly Cyrus).  This is the moment I actually liked Jake for a few minutes (ok, I kinda like his character in some weird twisted way, don't judge me!).  He only takes orders directly from the president (not his secretary) and did not leave Olivia's side.  Take that Cyrus!  But were any of you confused as to why Cyrus showed up and not one of his hench men?  Was Cyrus going to "handle" Olivia himself? 

Jake went inside Olivia's apartment after handling Cyrus and he and Olivia had a little back and forth of you tell me something, I'll tell you something.  Jake has a feeling that she and the president's relationship goes deep and asks her about it but Olivia remains silent.

So who is the mole? Is David Rosen now a part of the Gladiator team?  Will Fitz find out about Olivia and Jake?  How do you think that will go down?  Did you know this was the episode that Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) directed?  Must have been him to slip in that shower scene, bout "hi"...made you melt didn't it!  After last night I can't wait for next week's episode.  Where do you think the story is headed?

Until next week's episode, Candilaria

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