Yesterday afternoon was the start of a storm, I didn't see coming.  I guess I don't keep up-to-date on the weather but, wowsie.  I haven't seen rain like that in a very long time! I mean it was a down pourin', non-stoppin', can't see out of the car windshield, pull over on the side of the road (cuz yes I was driving through it - crazy me I know!), car about to lift off the road, intense lightenin', thunder crackin' storm! 

If you had any leaks in your house that you didn't know about, chile please, you sure found out last night!  I'm not making any joke of the storm last night but am trying to create a light-hearted mood.  I know people's homes were flooded, some reported up to 2 feet!  Cars were completely submerged and the owners had to climb out and abandon them.  These kinds of storms can easily get out of hand and create extreme damage.  Let's be thankful that we still have our homes, and yea, there may be some water inside, but it's something that can be repaired.  There was no loss of life to my knowledge and we should be happy with that. :)

I left my house at 6:20am this morning and for a commute that should only take 8 minutes with absolutely no traffic, it took me 30 minutes.  I maneuvered my little car all over to avoid the flooded areas.  People could not get to their cars that were parked right in front of their homes. 

Here are a few pictures of what people had to deal with last night and this morning...

Somewhere in the Eastern part of the island.


Look where the water was!

An area in the South East part of the island

Another area in the Eastern part of the island


Not sure where this photo came from but it was forwarded to me

And I had to toss this one in just for giggles....

How were/are things in your area? Care to share your pictures with us?  Please e-mail them to marriedworkingmothers@gmail.com!

Be well and be safe!
242 MWM, Candilaria

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