MOTHERHOOD: Staycation 2013

Once upon a time there lived a woman. Tiffany Yvette was her name. She was a mother to two beautiful children who, as fun as they could be, some days they weren't fun, not so much! 

Tiffany was always consumed with all the details of raising a three year old daughter and a one year old son. Every morning as she opened her eyes her thoughts swarmed throughout her brain. 

'Don't forget to pack Channing's swim clothes especially the towel, you don't want to have to borrow the swim instructor's towel like you did the last time.' Remember to leave the television on BabyFirst TV for Chase, he watches too much television but at least BabyFirst is educational. I so don't want him to be a couch potato. At some point I have to teach the housekeeper how to use the remote for the television...AGAIN! Is is really that confusing? Did Channing do her homework last night? I have to remember to purchase another pair of scissors for Channing. Where the hell are they? I looked everywhere. I bet Chase threw them away. Which Lowe's did I go to and found those scissors anyway? Lowe's oh yes, Channing needs more hair product. Remember to give her medicine before we leave. Does Chase need medicine? No he's good, but he does need diapers and milk, and some new shoes for church, well church clothes too. I have to get to Lullaby. I bet all the new stock is gone.

The thoughts go on and on. Then begins the to-do list for the house. I need to remind Eric to... At this point Tiffany, having only been awake for three minutes decides to get out of bed and begin her day.

She did this every morning, every day of the week, every day of the month until finally it was the month of May, May 12th to be exact.

Many years ago the king of the land, a very wise king, a compassionate king proclaimed the second Sunday of May would be declared Mother's Day.

Tiffany was thrilled. She was thrilled because she was married to Eric, also a compassionate bloke. Compassionate and wise. He was wise beyond his years. So wise that he granted Tiffany her one wish for Mother's Day. 

What was this wish you may ask?

Tiffany's one wish was to be alone. Alone to lay. Alone to read. Alone to recuperate, to reinvigorate to resuscitate. 

And so Eric granted Tiffany's wish. Thank you again Babes.

This past Sunday, I, Tiffany Yvette went to church at 7 a.m. with my family. Here is Channing, Chase and I and my rose I received for being a mother. Clearly Channing is knighting me with my own rose!

Afterwards, Eric checked me into a hotel for a day and night to myself. Below is the view from my room. I gazed over the balcony breathing the smell of freedom! For just this day, this place would be my playground.

I stood solemnly and reflected for a moment. I gave thanks for my husband, who I confess, I cried when he was about to leave. He sacrificed to ensure my one wish was granted. I gave thanks for my children. I have two healthy blessings that make my heart full when I touch their fingers and look at their smiles. Both of them were once inside of my belly, yes the belly that still looks preggers by the way! I gave thanks for the beauty of God's creation. Our little island, depending on where we are standing, looks like paradise. I gave thanks for my hectic all consuming life. I was thankful! I am still grateful!

And then I went downstairs. I put went to my favorite pool, got my towels and let the day begin! Here are a few photos to recapture my day of escape!

Posing for the camera


Drink number one finished! Time for a polish change.

Drink Number Two

Wardrobe change after two laps of the Lazy River

Taking in God's beauty once again

Exhausted! Time to go back to the room

By 7 p.m. my hair was washed and set.
By 8 p.m. my room service had been delivered.
By 9 p.m. I was asleep. 

The morning came quick but I was up and ready with pearls and curls to go to work. Did I have a great day? Yes I did! Am I grateful for another Mother's day Staycation? Yes I am! Do I plan to do this all over again next year Lord's willing? Yes I do! Maybe Next year I can do this will some of you. (Start talking to your husband now!)

Eric arrived to pick up Tiffany after dropping Channing to school. He was overjoyed to see her. She was overjoyed to see him too. 

And they lived happily ever after.

The Halls


Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

As my dear husband says "rest is key."

Thank you for sharing what it looks like to be a married working mother having a me day.


As we did last year, can we expect an account of Eric's parenting day? That was so funny. Funny now but I am sure not then.

MWMs said...

Thank you for your comment Kaylus.
I asked Eric yesterday if he would be giving an account of his Mother's day. Stay tuned. He may respond with a comment.


Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

Eric Hall said...
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Eric Hall said...

I am glad you enjoyed your time off Tiffany. I am sorry to disappoint if I have no swirling account of the mommy-less escapades of "Knowing Happiness" and "Follows the Lion".

A year wiser and battled tested (don't forget that trip last October) I was much more prepared for this year's absence.

In fact my only drama was the extended bedtime whose silver lining was all three of us crease up in the big bed all night.

Oh, sorry I had to lie about the afro puffs I put in Channing's hair, I know you would have gone to her school and combed it if I told you about it.


MWMs said...

Oh Tiffany, next year darling, next year! We talked about how we see Staycation becoming something bigger where all MWMs readers can enjoy a Mother's Day Staycation!! And make a fabulous weekend out of it! YAY!! Hubby's save up :)